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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Electronic Gadgets

My camera has been acting strange lately and I interpret that as a warning it is soon going to give up the ghost. Gene bought this digital camera when he lived in Oregon for a year way back in the previous century (1999). I bought the camera from him when he got married. It has served me well for five years but a camera that is more then ten years old is quite elderly (as cameras go) and not worth trying to repair.
I don't have the male hunter-gatherer instinct so I don't need a big shooter. My female nesting instinct prefers a little thing I can carry in my purse. But when it comes to replacing electronic gadgets, I am technology-challenged. I don't know how to compare the features or tell what I am getting. Gene and Daryl both bought new digital cameras in the last six months so I am going to depend on them for advice before I take the plunge. One thing I know, it will be a digital camera. After I learned how to use a digital camera I soon knew I will never go back to film. Funny how quickly luxuries can become necessities.
I never thought I needed a cell phone either but one year Leroy got a phone for me for my birthday. Yes, it does come in handy sometimes. If I can find a camera that is as senior friendly as this phone I'll be good to go!

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