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Friday, June 17, 2011

Sister's Day

We had a Sister's Day yesterday to help my oldest sister celebrate her birthday. She chose to have us help her with some work at the Juniata History Center where she is director. In two hours we boxed about eight years worth of Mennonite Weekly Review papers for storage in the archives. We could have worked on it all day and not have finished but at least we made a small dent in the pile. I had to practice some self-control and not let myself read the papers. I did make copies of the front page of two of them which caught my eye.
We went to a little restaurant for lunch and then spent the afternoon at the cabin putting the final two coats of paint on the new wall we installed on Memorial Day. Our spackling job leaves something to be desired but it is still a big improvement.
What we sisters do is not as important as just being together. There was one 30-second pause when no one said anything but then we got a second wind and were good to go again. It was a fun day!

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