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Monday, June 13, 2011

Family Weekend

The second weekend in June is our annual family weekend. The plan is to spend a weekend at a cabin one year and do a sightseeing day trip on alternate years. There have been some years when the date had to be adjusted (like the year we were on a tour to Israel) and some years we had to go with Plan B due to weather that did not cooperate with our sightseeing trip. Where we go and what we do isn't as important to me as just spending time together as a family.
This year we went to Arthur Shirk's cabin on the Texter Mountain. It was the first time we were there and I liked it for a couple reasons. 1. It was close to home so we didn't have to drive a couple hours to get there 2. It is in a secluded part of the mountain so it felt like we were way out back somewhere 3. The cabin was big enough for all 28 of us to eat and sleep under the same roof. I was especially glad for that when the weekend was punctuated by showers and thunderstorms.
The rain politely controlled itself during the day so the children could play outside. They enjoyed the swings, sliding board, and bike trails as well as the variety of activities their imaginations produced. The adults and teenagers played some games too but I was satisfied with being a spectator to whatever was going on.
Another blessing at this cabin was the under-roof fire pit. We had planned a hot dog and mountain pie roast for Saturday supper. Dale started getting ready to build a campfire but the looks of the sky changed his mind. We transferred the firewood to the pit and the rain began just as the fire blazed up. We could go on with our supper as planned.
We went to our own church Sunday morning because it was my turn to teach the ladies class. After church we took Leroy's mother along back to the cabin for dinner and the afternoon. Here she is with our nine grandchildren and her great-grandchildren.

And here we are with our grandchildren and five bonus ones that call us Grandpa and Grandma. (Our tenth grandchild is still in hiding and will make his/her appearance at the end of the year.)

I had a great time just enjoying the privilege of having everyone together. We are so blessed to have a family that can get together, have a good time, and all go home still friends. Even the children get along very well. If there were any disagreements among them it was over so quickly I wasn't aware of it. One more weekend has been added to my grandma's treasure box of memories.

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