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Monday, June 6, 2011

June in the Country

I don't know how it is where you live but to me, June is many lovely things--blue skies, warm air, roses, strawberries, the smell of drying hay.

I love the open country
Where everything seems clean;
And the wide spread of beauty
With many shades of green

I love the hills and valleys
That sleep 'most anywhere;
And the tall quiet mountains
With cloud-dust in their hair.

I love the verdant meadows
Where flowers bloom so bright;
And orchards, oh so fragrant,
With blossoms pink and white.

I love the harrowed gardens
That wait with upturned face;
And the winds softly touching
The seedlings now in place.

I love to hear birds singing
In treetops overhead;
And listen to them saying
A prayer before their bed.

I love the open country,
Now especially in June,
When symphonies are playing
And nature is in tune.
(Gertrude Rudberg)

The roses on the rail fence in front of my house have put on a dazzling display of beauty this year. (Click to enlarge)

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