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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorable Weekend

We spent the weekend at our cabin in Union County. My dad built the cabin in 1984, two years before he died and it passed on to his children.

Each spring we sisters go together to do cleaning and maintenance around the place. This year it worked best for us to go on Memorial Day weekend. That gave us an extra day to do the larger work project of putting drywall on one of the living room walls. Our parents said "someday" the walls would be finished and we've been working at it slowly the past seven years or so. This is how the living room wall looked before we started. (The end wall was done in 2007.)

On Monday two coats of undercoat were  applied to the new wall. We will go back June 16 to put the color coat on.

Our work was interrupted on Monday when I went outside and found a big black snake stretched out on the ground along the edge of the porch. It crawled under Leroy's truck and  coiled up on the spare tire. Poking and prodding didn't help so he sprayed some kind of chemical in there. That convinced the critter he didn't like it in there after all and he came out. It scolded us by sticking out its tongue at us and shaking its tail. We didn't want to kill it because black snakes are not poisonous and are actually beneficial since they keep the rodent population down and scare away rattlesnakes. But we didn't want it hanging around the cabin either so we chased it into the woods.
To quote my little nephew, "At least we saved our lives."  :-)

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Romaine, I enjoy your blog :) Chris Martin, Pelham, GA