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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Done!

At 2:15 this afternoon I handed in my resignation and walked away from one of my volunteer jobs. For the past three months I've been working on cleaning the house Gerald bought in January and began moving into in February. I tried to go once day each week but with him working nights and sleeping days there were some weeks when it did not work for me to be there any day. Today I cleaned the sink window and the two dining room windows. And that's it folks!
Kelly's family is planning to go do some painting this weekend. That will make a huge difference and greatly improve the appearance inside the house. But the layer of old stale dirt had to be washed off before it could be painted. I'm not much of a painter and don't enjoy it but I sling a mean scrub rag. So I scrubbed away and now it's ready for the painters.
Most of what Gerald has done so far was pressure washing the outside of the house, painting the shed, and cleaning up the landscaping. He has ordered some new windows and roofing materials, hoping to get that done sometime in the next month or six weeks and have it ready for his bride to move in with him by the end of July.
At any rate, I think I have done what I'm able to do and have worked myself out of a job.

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