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Monday, May 23, 2011


The sound of wedding bells is ringing louder. A bridal shower was given yesterday for Gerald and Kelly. He knew about it and saw she got to the proper place as the proper time. She was not as clueless as we hoped. She said she suspected it because the weekend was too well planned too long in advance. They didn't usually make plans for the weekend before Friday and the plans were all in place by Wednesday. Even if she was not shocked by the surprise, the shower was a success. The object was to shower them with gifts and that part certainly happened. Some of the gifts can be put to use right away as he is already living in their house and was limping along with a minimum of towels, etc.
He watched some of the time while she opened and her sister recorded the gifts.

My gift was a wedding sampler I finished cross-stitching in February. It took me five hours to do the lacy border between the two clusters of flowers on the bottom corners. That should give you a little idea of the difficulty of the pattern. It was a labor of love and the last one I'll do.

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