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Monday, June 22, 2015

Flying Trip

We made a (low) flying trip to South Carolina to attend a wedding on Saturday, June 20. The groom has worked with Leroy for years (which is how we got an invitation) and he wanted to go.
We left on Friday morning and drove all the way to Piedmont, South Carolina, where we had reserved a motel. Traffic around Charlotte was terrible and it took us an extra 1.5 hours to get around the city. Tip of the day: Don't try to go through Charlotte on a Friday afternoon! We finally reached our motel a little after 8 p.m. More than twelve hours of driving is too much for people our age. By the time we got there Leroy was saying we'll never do this again (go so far for a wedding).
We had 45 miles to drive to the wedding at Abbeville Saturday morning and got there in good time. The couple met on a mission trip to Mexico and the reception had a tropical theme. The bridal party sat at these tables.


 We had made arrangements to stay with friends near Yanceyville, North Carolina, on Saturday night and go to their church Sunday morning. We had a long haul from Abbeville to Yanceyville so we left as soon as the reception was over and headed north.
On the way, we passed through an area of South Carolina where a lot of peaches are grown. Even the town's water tank is shaped like a peach. We stopped at a fruit stand at Cowpens to buy a dozen fresh peaches and a pint of peach cider. That was something new to us.

 We spent the night with the Kelvin Good family and went to church with them Sunday morning. Their church is a new outreach of South Boston, Virginia, and the small group meets in a rented building. They always have a fellowship meal afterward, which was appreciated. We ate and were ready to be on our way by 1 p.m.
We had another long haul home and were pushing it in order to get in on the tail end of a viewing. We made it with ten minutes to spare. We drove 1379 miles in three days, which was kind of crazy. We just have too much on the calendar this spring and summer. Every time I think things will slow down another curve ball gets thrown at me. Maybe NOW I can catch my breath.

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