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Monday, June 29, 2015

50th Anniversary

Last weekend we attended a wedding and watched as a new home and marriage were established. This weekend we were on the other end of the scale and attended a 50th anniversary celebration for my sister and her husband.
The scary part of all this is that was that I was maid of honor at their wedding and, like it or not, I have to admit my memories stretch back more than 50 years. I seems that should be my grandmother, not me. How swiftly time flies!
Someone once asked, "What is more beautiful than a young couple on their wedding day?" The answer was, "An old couple who have stuck together through thick and thin all their lives."
Congratulations on 50 years of sticking together and still being able to say, "You're the one."

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Landisplatz said...

Scarier yet- this is us! Thanks for helping make it a good day -and a good week of celebrations!
Betty Ann