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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


"August, the month of muggy heat and rich harvest, is the meetingplace of the currents of the year. The waters, coming from many different directions, surge into one mighty river as they rush through the month and out of it, leaving behind rich deposits of the natural resources needed to sustain life. New potatoes with tissue paper thin skins are big enough to eat, corn hangs heavy on the stalks, pumpkins are the size of a baby's head, and cucumbers are ready for pickling." (Romaine Stauffer: Annie's Day of Light, page 292)
It's August again and the bountiful produce harvest is forcing me to shift from playing with the past to living in the present. I don't need to can any pickles this year but this morning I picked up a bushel of beautiful peaches at the orchard. There are beans in the garden waiting to be picked and the first ears of corn are ready to eat. I called the Amish man to place my order for corn for freezing next week. The potatoes in the garden are big enough to eat and the tomatoes are starting to turn red.
I'm glad I don't need to can 100 qt. each of peaches and applesauce like I used to do but I don't want to give up canning either. It's not as much about saving money as it is about taste. There is just nothing in the grocery store than can compete with homemade. If I can my own fruit I can drastically reduce the sugar to accommodate Leroy's diabetic diet. I like to restock my can shelves in the basement and arrange the jars so the colors complement each other. That's my jewel box. So why am I sitting here blogging when there are beans and peaches calling my name?

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