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Friday, August 21, 2009

He's Back!

We're back to a three-ring circus. :-) Gerald came home from Haiti yesterday and our nest is no longer empty. As we feared, his flight out of Port au Prince on Wednesday was delayed which made it impossible to catch his connecting flight in Miami. American Airlines gave him a voucher to stay at a hotel and rebooked him for 8 a.m. Thursday morning. It was a hassle for him but they took care of him and we were actually happier that way than if he had landed on schedule at 12:20 a.m. Thursday. We got to sleep all night and drive to the airport in the daylight instead of at night. We never were city slickers and it's too late to start now. I hate to think what might have happened if we had tried to find the airport in the dark.
At any rate, Gerald enjoyed his visit to Haiti. Helping his cousin in the clinic was only one of the things he did. He helped with anything from wiring lights to installing programs on a computer, to hauling rocks. If you want to hear more about his experiences and see some pictures you can get it straight from the horse's mouth on his blog.

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