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Friday, August 14, 2009

Mementos From The Past

Yesterday Leroy was sent to Ephrata for something so while he was down there he stopped at the place where I was born and took some pictures of the bare spot where the house used to be. This is how it looks now.
The barn is still standing but the big old tree that was in front of the house is gone and there is an empty hole where the house was. Some of the limestone rocks that had been used to build the cellar wall were still scattered around in the hole. Leroy asked one of the construction workers if he could have a few of them as mementos and was given permission to take anything he wanted. He brought a few small rocks home and we used them to form a short path in a flower bed behind the house. The most ordinary objects become precious when they are the only visible things that are left.

"Save a few mementos from your past
or how will you prove it wasn't all a dream."

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