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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Runs Like a Deere

Last evening Leroy came in from the garage all excited and with shining eyes. The antique Novo engine he bought in February was running! It did not run when he bought it at an auction and he did not know what it would cost to get it going. He started by taking out the cherry seeds some rodents had stuffed in the muffler and kept tinkering with it. He spent a lot of time but not another dime to get it running.
Since he takes me out of state and patiently walks cemeteries with me to find people I am seeking, the least I could do in return was walk down to the garage to hear the engine run and share his victory. It ran like a top and really does have the sound of an old John Deere. He bought it for that sound and now can actually hear it. The next step is getting it mounted on the frame of the scale model John Deere B he is building from scrap parts of this and that. It may take another year or two but someday he'll get it together and drive it out of the garage.

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