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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Report

The big monster storm called Hurricane Sandy is over--at least in these parts. There are many people all along the eastern seaboard who are still suffering and will have a lot of work to clean up. In comparison, we were whipped lightly.
The worst part of the storm here was the wind which blew down a lot of trees and wires. The eight inches of rain that was predicted amounted to only 1.5 inches here so this area was spared from flooding. The wind and rain increased Monday afternoon and by 5 p.m. Leroy was glad to be home. He got his generator ready to go after supper and went down to the garage for the gas can when the lights went out. I had managed to get a shower about two minutes before the power went off.
The wind just roared all night and I didn't sleep much. I wasn't afraid or worried but I just am not used to that much noise at night. The power was off until about 3 this afternoon. That was almost three full days.
After Hurricane Irene last summer and the heavy snow in October, both of which left us without power for days, Leroy got a generator that is big enough to run the furnace and pump water. It sat in the garage all this time without even being started. But it sure was nice to have now. It wasn't like having regular electric because we couldn't run everything at once. But we could at least function. I didn't have to sit in the dark and we could wash dishes, get showers, and keep warm.
I passed the time by crocheting. I started on Monday and the thing is close to half finished. It kept me from going crazy but I am ready to do something else! I'll start by cooking supper (on the stove instead of just warming something in the microwave) and then go out in the big world this evening. I am scheduled to be at a book signing tonight. It could have come at a worse time but I am ready to get my life back.

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Merle and Edith Burkholder said...

I am glad it wasn't more serious for you. It must be nice to have a generator, and a husband to hook it up and run it! ~merle