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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moving On

It's the day after the election and I am glad to have all that fuss behind us. In the end, gobs of money were spent and nothing changed. We have the same President and opposite parties in control of the House and Senate which means it will be politics as usual in Washington. I suppose the money that was spent on advertising put food on some people's tables but to me it seems like it was a big ado for nothing.
Now that all the election is over we can turn our attention to something more positive---like giving  thanks for all our blessings. I'll start by being thankful we were only out of electric for three days in Hurricane Sandy and our lives have returned to normal. Many people are not so fortunate and will be dealing with the after-effects of the storm for a long time.
A side benefit of the hurricane is that it blew most of the leaves down and away. Normally Leroy is cleaning up leaves every week until Thanksgiving. The nor'easter that is due to arrive tonight will probably dispose of most of the remaining leaves.
This part of the world is starting to look like winter with the leaves down. I cut off the mums this afternoon which gives the flower beds a bare look too. Life has moved indoors and I'm already started on my list of things to do this winter. Each season has a beauty and benefits of its own and I'm ready to move on into the next season.

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