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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Medicare Maze

I will soon reach the magical age when I am eligible for Medicare. I knew for years this day was coming but now it is here and it's time to make some decisions. I have already procrastinated several months but time is running out. I need to settle on something this month for my coverage to begin on December 1.
Why do they make it so complicated? There are PPO, HMO, Supplement, and Drug Plans to choose from. And multiple carriers for each of those to boot. I have to take into consideration the monthly premiums, co-pays, in-network pharmacies and doctors, prescriptions I'm taking. Then too, I need to consider my physical condition and projected needs for the next year.
After doing some homework and having a consultation with an impartial advisor, I think I've decided on something and am ready to sign up. It's scary because I'll be locked in for a year. But if I don't like it I can change to something else next year. That's the exciting part. I get to do this all over again next year. Each year we need to look at the changes in the plans and/or our medical conditions and figure out what is the best fit for the coming year. Maybe it won't be as hard to decide the second year.
I remember my aunt (who was in her 80s) saying, "This getting old isn't for wimps." I guess I'm just beginning to learn what she meant.

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