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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Someone to Thank

The "holidays" are upon us again.  We have spent most of our Thanksgivings with Leroy's family but this year we are doing something different and having some of my family. The tables in the basement are set for thirty, the turkey is roasting, and my anticipation level is rising. In thinking about what I am thankful for, I find I have too many blessings to name. Here's one of my favorite songs that mentions the most important and basic ones.

There is Someone who daily my needs doth supply,
These good things don't just happen, there's Someone on high,
'Tis His mercy and grace that allows me to live;
He deserves all the thanks I can give.

There are many who do not believe in the Lord,
Say He never existed to create the world;
Oh, how empty their hearts and how lonely their days
With no Jesus to thank and to praise.

Greatest gift that the Father has granted to me,
Is the gift of salvation that sets my soul free.
Oh, I never can thank Him enough for His love,
As he watches from heaven above.

I have Someone to thank for every new day,
I have Someone to thank for the gifts on life's way;
He's the One who expects and One who accepts
All the thanks that I feel each day.

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Allan Loken said...


Thank you for posting the lyrics to "Someone to Thank" I have been looking for them for some time and you were the only source I could find. Do you know how old this song is or who wrote it?

Allan - (